CVTVP Launches to Prevent Cyber Threats to IP: The Hidden Billion-Dollar Heist

The Silent Epidemic: Intellectual Property Under Siege

In the digital age, while companies race to innovate and expand, a covert menace lurks in the shadows. IP resource (Copyright vs. Trademark vs. Patent) has found a staggering surge in cyberattacks targeting intellectual property (IP), a treasure trove often overshadowing the value of personal data breaches.

Weaponizing ChatGPT: Samsung’s Leak Could’ve Been an Attack

In April 2023, The Economist Korea reported that Samsung accidentally leaked confidential source code into ChatGPT. Employees simply pasted the code into ChatGPT to check it for errors. As a consequence, like any “prompt” one puts into ChatGPT, the secret code inadvertently ended up in the bot’s database. This increases the likelihood that any user of the bot could get output derived from these trade secrets.

But what if someone were to purposely leak this code? “For these curious cyber-criminals AI can be a master key into a company’s deepest secrets,” says a spokesperson for CVTVP.

ChatGPT, OpenAI’s viral chatbot, explicitly advises against sharing personally identifiable information — as the bot “learns” from whatever the user inputs.

While the conversational AI bot serves numerous use cases, recent media reports show ChatGPT’s usefulness is just as much as weak spot as it is a strength. “Look at headlines from Forbes, Entrepreneur, The Hacker News and Cyber Security Hub,” says the same CVTVP spokesperson, “and one commonality will appear: ‘Hackers are weaponizing ChatGPT to create malware, launch attacks, and sell confidential information for profit.”

The Alarming Numbers: A Billion-Dollar Heist

According to the FBI, there are currently over 1,000 open cases of intellectual property theft, draining the U.S. economy of nearly $500 billion annually. This isn’t just a number; it’s the lifeblood of companies, with IP — including trademarks, patents and especially trade secrets — constituting over 80% of a company’s value today.

Coca-Cola’s closely-guarded secret recipe is at the heart of the soft drink’s sales. This element of mystery has kept Coca-Cola a favorite for over 137 years. The secrecy of source code allows software companies, hardware companies and semiconductor firms to innovate and develop technology. However, even the world’s largest companies are at risk without a solid cybersecurity strategy.

IP theft is now far more sophisticated than a disgruntled employee or subcontractor downloading files to a Google Drive folder. Through data breaches, CVTVP says, hackers can almost effortlessly exploit companies’ innovations and try to profit from them — even when they’re from the outside.

The Culprits: Global Threats with a Focus

While cyber threats are a global menace, specific groups, such as the notorious Chinese organization APT41, have been spotlighted by the FBI. Their targets? Everything from startups to multinational giants, spanning sectors from agriculture to high-tech medical devices.

The Real-World Impact: A Cautionary Tale

Consider the case of Hongjin Tan, a Chinese national working for a U.S. petroleum company. His resignation led to the discovery of unauthorized access to hundreds of corporate files, including trade secrets. The aftermath? A conviction for stealing information valued over $1 billion.

The Larger Narrative: China’s Dual-Edged Sword

China’s meteoric rise in technology and research is commendable. However, as FBI’s Director, Christopher Wray points out, there’s a sinister side. Chinese cyber espionage isn’t just after innovation but seeks internal strategies, pricing, and more.

The Defense: to the Rescue

In this treacherous landscape, companies need more than just awareness; they need action. Enter (Copyright vs. Trademark vs. Patent). This newly launched platform bridges the gap, connecting startups and businesses with legal resources to fortify their IP portfolio. Moreover, they offer software-based cybersecurity solutions, ensuring that a company’s crown jewels remain untarnished and secure.

As incidents rise and ChatGPT’s API becomes more and more liable to exploitation, CVTVP is launching its service with this warning letter against IP theft through cyber crime. It stresses that simple software-based tools — protecting data with immutable storage — can prevent hackers from leaking research & development goldmines, and its website will soon contain a section devoted specifically to different ways IP theft can be prevented with simple cybersecurity.

The Bottom Line: The Future is in the Hands of Entrepreneurs

In a world where IP is the cornerstone of growth and innovation, its defense is non-negotiable. The message is clear: in the face of escalating cyber threats, proactive protection isn’t a luxury; it’s a mandate.

About stands as a beacon for startups and businesses, offering unparalleled expertise in both intellectual property and cybersecurity. Born from a vision to shield the innovations of tomorrow, CVTVP commits to being the go-to platform for IP protection and cybersecurity solutions.

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