Ryvid EV Accelerates Phenomenal Growth into 2024

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Electric Light Mobility company Ryvid has been on a single-minded mission to produce more efficient, lightweight, eco-friendly vehicles for a dynamic world since its inception in 2021. After creating a prototype of its first product the Anthem electric motorcycle in June 2022, Ryvid delivered the first production version of its affordable, highway-capable electric commuter motorcycle in September 2023 and is now in higher rate production at its new factory facility in San Bernardino, CA.

Ryvid Anthem lightweight, affordable electric motorcycle for commuters and adventure-seekers alike
Ryvid Anthem lightweight, affordable electric motorcycle for commuters and adventure-seekers alike

Part of the companys meteoric success can be attributed to a recent grant provided by the California Governors Office of Business and Economic Development (GO-Biz) to stimulate innovation, technology and job creation. This funding through the California Competes Program (business.ca.gov/california-competes-tax-credit) allowed Ryvid to hire key employees, accelerate product development, and get American-produced machines into the hands of new and experienced riding enthusiasts in record time.

As part of the master plan devised by company founder and automotive designer Dong Tran, 2024 will see Ryvid complete its factory facility and conduct a ribbon-cutting ceremony in San Bernardino. Not only will this allow the company to continue production of its Anthem model to meet the increased demand, but will also provide capacity for new models to join the roster.

The advantage of an American-based production team and manufacturing is that it rejects traditional, complex practices in favor of an extremely flexible, responsive and adaptable process with a simplified supply chain. It will mean that issues, requests and suggestions can be funneled to the engineers and into the assembly area, giving owners direct access to product development.

Opening our own factory facility has allowed us to streamline the manufacturing process further, speeding up what is already a rapid production process, allowing Ryvid to quickly pivot to new models and focus on new market segments. While growth is important for any business model, were going to prioritize the pillars of our company, which are accessibility, innovation, sustainability and community, Dong Tran explained.


The Anthem is a lightweight electric motorcycle designed for commuters and adventure-seekers alike. In common with existing two-wheeled EVs, the aim is to provide sustainable personal transportation as an alternative to heavy, thirsty automobiles, helping to solve a raft of socio-economic issues. Ryvid has sought to keep its concept affordable, doing almost everything in-house and innovating thoughtful solutions to control costs without resorting to overseas production.

Among the key differentiators is a stainless steel folded sheet metal frame, chosen for strength and constructed without any welding, simplifying the assembly process without passing along labor costs to the rider. The ingenuous modular construction of the Anthem focuses on products that are exactly what they need to be; not more, not less. They serve a specific purpose and have allowed the designers to reduce weight and complexity. As part of this process, the team ensured all its major components were located low to the ground, creating a low center of gravity and nimble handling.

With the Ryvid Anthem tipping the scales at just 313 lb, the 4.3 kWh lithium-ion battery and its integrated 3.3 kW charger sits under the frame and is removable to provide flexible charging options. It powers a 72V air-cooled brushless DC motor, which is mounted behind the battery in the aluminum swingarm and delivers 53 ft-lb of torque. Range is stated as 75 miles* using the Urban Dynamometer Driving Schedule.

Another key Ryvid innovation is the patent-pending electrically adjustable seat height. Long recognized as a major obstacle for new riders, Anthem ensures a wider range of riders can comfortably sit on the Anthem and place their feet securely on the ground. Using a hydraulic ram, the rider can rapidly adjust the seat height at the flick of a button from 30-34 without affecting the rear suspension geometry.

Thanks to its electric motor, the engineers were also able to provide a speed-limited reverse gear. This is yet another feature that helps novice and experienced riders alike, allowing users to reverse out of tight spots or inclines that could otherwise prove challenging.

Capable of speeds in excess of 75mph for highway use, the Anthem requires a motorcycle license but the power delivery and riding position will be familiar to e-bike riders, especially in the Eco riding mode. Sport mode provides a noticeable boost in performance, delivering a high level of two-wheeled entertainment. Anthem uses motorcycle brake lever positions and a twist throttle but the direct drive motor meant a clutch lever was unnecessary.

The high-performance brakes, suspension and Pirelli tires differentiate Anthem from the majority of electric motorcycle brands, giving the rider a level of control, involvement and satisfaction beyond its peers. Anthem also provides an incredible ownership experience that helps to ensure a low cost of overall ownership thanks to minimal maintenance needs, low cost of charging, a significantly reduced parts list to ease repairs, as well as easy storage and charging.

The Ryvid Anthem can charge to 80% in 2.5 hours using 110V or 1.25 hours using the supplied 220V adapter. It carries a two-year limited warranty on motorcycle parts and battery, and is supported by the Ryvid Service Team.

The Anthem was designed to fill the space between electric bicycles and full-sized motorcycles, empowering a new generation of two-wheel riders with an EV mindset. Were confident that the excitement of our high-performance, two-wheeled vehicles will also bring experienced riders to the light electric vehicle space as they discover the many benefits of battery-powered propulsion, said Dong Tran.

Despite its ground-breaking innovation and American manufacture, the feature-filled Ryvid Anthem costs only $8,995 and can be ordered directly from ryvid.com


While the Anthem is still a brand new product, everyone at Ryvid is focused on achieving the next breakthrough. The design and engineering teams have been working on a number of new variants and models and is expecting to make some exciting announcements this year.

The company hopes to reveal the first new model in the Spring/Summer, which will add another highly entertaining model to the Ryvid lineup. It will also reinforce the companys primary pillars of accessibility, innovation, sustainability and community. Its predicted that the new, American manufactured model will shake up current motorcycle manufacturing concepts by offering riders an extraordinarily flexible platform to attract a wide range of riders and provide plenty of options for personalization.

CES 2024

During the recent Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, an enhanced version of the Ryvid Anthem, powered by Weel, was showcased in the Amazon Experience Area. CES brings together the tech industry, providing a platform for global audiences to engage with major brands and startups, and the modified Anthem attracted significant attention. It captured the interest of many attendees curious about the latest developments in EV technology. We appreciate everybody who took the time to meet our team and look forward delving into the advanced Weel innovations in the future.

*Battery range depends on conditions such as rider weight, speed, temperature, wind, tire pressure, terrain, incline, etc. Mileage may vary


Editorial staff wishing to ride the Ryvid Anthem should please use the Media Contact below. Images and information on the Ryvid Anthem are available here. Anthem specifications are available here: ryvid.com/anthem/specs


Ryvid is a cutting-edge manufacturing corporation in the high-growth field of Electric Light Vehicles. Founded by enthusiasts, engineered by innovators, and designed by aerospace industry gearheads, Ryvids mission is to create more sustainable and enjoyable personal mobility. The company name was derived by the merging of Rhythm and Avid; elements of motion and emotion that define the experience of using our products. With its first product the Anthem Ryvid produced a revolutionary, lightweight, affordable electric motorcycle with a significantly lower carbon footprint than its competitors. With the same innovation to be applied to upcoming models and variants, Ryvid is poised to revolutionize urban commuting. Ryvid products are designed and assembled in the United States. For further information, please visit ryvid.com The Ryvid Anthem is now available to reserve for delivery at $8,995

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